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High-Temperature Silicone Rubbers Additives (HTSR- Additives)
High-Temperature Silicone Rubbers Additives (HTSR- Additives) 

High-Temperature Silicone Rubbers Additives (HTSR- Additives)

With HTSR- Additives, the high temperature silicone materials can be:

· Max temperature increased by 50-60

· A significant increase of tensile strength, tear strength and mechanical strength

· Absorbing and shielding ultraviolet radiation which make the silicone materials have a better anti-aging ability

· Making your High-Temperature Silicone products have superior performance with advantages of low cost, light color, non-toxic, etc.

· It is the best choice for you to improve products quality and additional value.

HTSR- Additives information:

· Main component:Rare Earth Nano-materials (After surface modification, it is easy to disperse in the silicone polymer.)

· Microscopic characteristics: With high specific surface area effects, macroscopic quantum effects and quantum small size effects, the HTSR-Agents can penetrate into the polymer chain

· Rare earth effects: With bigger atomic radius and strong coordination ability as rare earth materials, the HTSR-Agents have better catalytic properties, safer, non-toxic and good thermal stability

· Comprehensive ability: Because the rare earth elements and Si has a special coordination effect, which increase the silicone materials’ stability by intensify crosslink density and molecular chains. Accordingly, the silicone materials have better heat resistance, strength, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance.  Simultaneously, obtain a large margin improvement, the abilities of absorbing and shielding ultraviolet radiation will have a large improvement which make silicone materials more anti-aging.


    Basically, dispersed in silicone materials.

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